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Update by user Jan 17, 2012

Springtree Mowing Service not company if it makes a difference

Update by user Jan 17, 2012

Springtree Mowing Service not company if it makes a difference

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"And I have questions. It looks like I could do it in about 4 to 5 hours at the max. It would probably take me about 2 hours to mow, but all the other manicuring would take the most time. I charge $26.50/ hour and have to charge $25.00/ trailer load of debris that I haul away . This pays for the fuel going to and from the dump and the dump fee. Or I could just settle for $175.00 which would include mowing, *** eating, raking and bagging up leaves and grass and limbs and hauling it away. This is one Trailer load of hauling away. It would cost more if a 2nd trailer load was needed."

That was the email I got from Chris Witt, the owner of the company. I think he is the only employee also. He was quite persistent even before we even hired him. He email, text, call and also came out to our house without permission to check the yard out. I was a bit taken aback and should have gone with my first instinct. Chris came at 10 and did not finished until 530. He also said he would do the gutters for $30/hr. WHAT HE DID DO: clean the gutters and the roof. mow the yard and gather the yard waste. *** eated. WHAT HE DID NOT DO: Raking, gather and removing the debris.

Chris did spend quite a few hours to do the job and stayed until dark. Then he told my husband basically, sorry about the mess and left. He did not say he would come back to clean his mess up.

Chris came back the next day to gather his lawn mower that he left behind. My husband had to rake the mowed grass and other yard waste in piles. My husband basically told Chris that he either clean up his mess or pick his equipment up and just leave. My husband said that he would put before and after pics up on the internet to warn others of his crappy work. Right now Chris is cleaning up the yard.

CHERRY ON THE PIE: When he was loading his mower, he tried to steal our metal dog tether from the back yard. My husband had to point that out that was ours. I was highly disappointed in the job delivered. Chris was just going to mulch the mowed grass back into the yard! That is laziness! You would figure the owner and probably only employee of a company or starting out company would try to do an excellent job so he would get more business. Don't give this company your business and if you do, make sure you don't leave anything you don't want stolen laying around.

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